Media and Political Bulletin – 07 August 2020

Media and Political Bulletin

07 August 2020

Media Summary

Government to spend £200m on helping GB goods flow to N Ireland

Financial Times, Peter Foster and George Parker, 07 August 2020

The Financial Times reports that the UK government is to spend an initial £200m on a new service to help businesses in Northern Ireland comply with the bureaucratic costs of bringing in goods from Great Britain after Brexit.

The new “Trader Support Service” will be offered free of charge to help traders with the burden of new paperwork needed to move goods across the Irish Sea from Great Britain as a result of the Northern Irish Protocol, which aligns the region to both the EU customs code and the UK customs territory.

In addition, Michael Gove, Cabinet Office minister, will announce £155m to fund digital technology to help smooth the new internal UK border created under the government’s Brexit deal from January 2021.

Parliamentary Coverage

Major £650 million investment for Northern Ireland

Cabinet Office, Northern Ireland Office, The Rt Hon Michael Gove MP, and The Rt Hon Brandon Lewis MP

On a visit to Northern Ireland today, a major £650m package of investment will be announced to help traders in Northern Ireland, and support peace, prosperity and reconciliation projects on the island of Ireland.

At the centre of this package is a new, free-to-use Trader Support Service (TSS) – an end-to-end support service to deal with import and safety and security declarations on behalf of traders. The new service will be available to businesses bringing in goods from Great Britain or the rest of the world, providing guidance as well as dealing with their requirements for moving goods into Northern Ireland. A procurement exercise for the service has now been launched.

The service is outlined as part of the publication of new guidance on the Northern Ireland Protocol for businesses moving goods into and from Northern Ireland. Find out how you can register an interest in the Trader Support Service and keep up to date with other changes due to the implementation of the Northern Ireland Protocol here.

Moving goods under the Northern Ireland Protocol

Cabinet Office, 07 August 2020

At the end of the transition period, the Northern Ireland Protocol will take effect. The Cabinet Office has published guidance to provide support for businesses engaging in new processes under the Northern Ireland protocol. View the guidance here.

National flu immunisation programme for 2020 to 2021

Department of Health and Social Care, Public Health England, and NHS England, 05 August 2020

The annual flu letter describes the national flu immunisation programme for 2020 to 2021 and outlines which groups are eligible for flu vaccination.

This year there are 2 letters setting out the details of the programme. The second letter contains further detail on the implementation of the programme. Read the letters here.

Full Coverage

Government to spend £200m on helping GB goods flow to N Ireland

Financial Times, Peter Foster and George Parker, 07 August 2020

This article is subject to copyright terms and conditions. Please access the full article here.

Media and Political Bulletin – 07 August 2020

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