HDA UK Media And Political Bulletin – 7 November 2017

Media and Political Bulletin

7 November 2017

Media Summary

How will our future relationship with the EU shape the NHS?

Nuffield Trust, Mark Dayan, 6 November 2017


In its latest briefing report, the Nuffield Trust warns that the UK’s future relationship with the EU could cause extensive problems for the NHS. The briefing document focusses on the potential for a chaotic disruption to the supply of medical products and a subsequent rise in prices which would push hospitals further into deficit.

In warnings that mirror those of the HDA, the Nuffield Trust reiterates that failure to reach trade and cooperation arrangements could also slow down access to cutting-edge treatments. As such, the Trust is calling for continued regulatory alignment between the UK and EU to mitigate the risk of vital supplies decaying at the border as well as to ensure the most certain benefits for the UK medicines supply chain once the UK leaves in the EU in 2019.


To read the full briefing document, please click here.


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Full Coverage

How will our future relationship with the EU shape the NHS?
Nuffield Trust, Mark Dayan, 6 November 2017

This briefing looks in depth at five key areas where the deals the UK reaches – or fails to reach – as it leaves the European Union (EU) will impact health and social care in this country. For each one, it looks at the options, alternatives and workarounds that will be possible under different models of Brexit.

The analysis draws on a series of roundtable events for policy leaders dealing with Brexit in health and social care; a review of Government, independent and academic literature; and consultation with experts and stakeholders. It considers in particular the impact of possible future agreements for ongoing trade and co-operation. But it also looks at some of the implications of whether or not we can even come to a deal on leaving the EU – which will itself be a prerequisite to agreement on an ongoing relationship.

Throughout, we assume that the basic negotiating stances of both the British Government and the European Commission will be broadly retained. This means an outcome where the UK is not subject to the European Court of Justice or to the free movement of people, is outside the single market and customs union, and is not allowed to cherry-pick partial access or to enjoy more favoured status than other non-EU countries.

This briefing does not look at issues relating to the immigration system and the funding levels chosen for the NHS after Brexit. As we have said previously, these factors, which lie largely within the UK’s control, will have a more profound impact on the health service even than our future relationship with the EU. We will return to these in future briefings and research.

To read the full briefing document, please click here.

HDA UK Media And Political Bulletin – 7 November 2017

From Factory to Pharmacy

As part of our mission to build awareness, understanding and appreciation of the vital importance of the healthcare distribution sector, we developed an infographic explaining the availability of medicines. It identifies the factors that can impact drug supply, as well as the measures that HDA members undertake day in, day out to help mitigate the risks of patients not receiving their medicines.

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