HDA UK Media and Political Bulletin – 17 February 2021

Media Summary

UK anticipating dip in COVID vaccine supply in coming weeks
Financial Times, Sebastian Payne, Sarah Neville, John Burn-Murdoch and Clive Cookson, 16 February

The Financial Times reports that the UK may be anticipating a dip in its Coronavirus vaccine supply in the coming weeks, with potential to disrupt inoculation targets.

After hitting its mid-February goal for offering vaccines to the 15m most vulnerable UK residents, the government is aiming to give jabs to the next 17m most vulnerable, including all over-50s, by 30th April. The UK has delivered close to 3m doses a week over the past fortnight. If that supply and distribution level is maintained, this next target could be met by the week ending 28th March according to analysis by the Financial Times.

The government’s much longer target of 30th April suggests that ministers either expect supply levels to drop in the coming weeks, or want to play down expectations. According to individuals familiar with the programme, supply is expected to remain fairly constant over the next few months but some glitches have been factored into planning. However, one senior Number 10 official said that vaccine supply was “a difficult one” and the government was cautious on whether supplies would continue at the almost 3m doses a week rate seen in early February. “Targets for the end of March do not reflect our internal assessment,” the individual said.


Parliamentary Coverage

NHS England seeks further community pharmacies to contribute to COVID-10 vaccination programme
Emily Lawson, NHS Chief Commercial Officer and SRO Vaccine Programme; Ed Waller, Director of Primary Care; and Dr Keith Ridge CBE, Chief Pharmaceutical Officer for England, 16 February

NHS leaders have written to Community Pharmacy Contractors and Local Pharmaceutical Committees re-opening the designation process for pharmacy contractors to apply to become vaccination sites.

Applications will be open to contractors who may be able to provide a service where NHS England has identified there is still a need for local populations. Contractors must be able to provide at least 1000 vaccines per week and must be able to be open from 8am to 8pm, 7 days a week if required.

NHS England has also asked for expressions of interest from contractors who could provide up to 400 vaccines per week. These sites may be considered where a site offering 1000 vaccines per week is unlikely to be viable, or where an additional site would offer significant benefits for specific patient cohorts.

You can read the letter in full here.


Full Coverage

UK anticipating dip in COVID vaccine supply in coming weeks
Financial Times, Sebastian Payne, Sarah Neville, John Burn-Murdoch and Clive Cookson, 16 February

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HDA UK Media and Political Bulletin – 17 February 2021

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