HDA Media And Political Bulletin – 14 November 2016

PSNC rep: Pharmacy minister ‘struggling’ to cope with role

11 November 2016, Chemist & Druggist, Grace Lewis


C&D reports that, according to PSNC’s representative Mark Burdon, Pharmacy Minister David Mowat, is “struggling” in his new role. During an interview with C&D, Mark Burdon explained that David Mowat appears to be relying on the help of his predecessor Alistair Burt. Labour MP Michael Dugher has previously remarked that most ex-ministers tend to be fairly unhelpful to their predecessors. This appears to not be the case for Alistair Burt, who has spoken out in defence of the Government’s new pharmacy policy several times. Mark Burdon did acknowledge that David Mowat has taken over the role at a difficult time but clearly expressed his disappointment in the Government’s plans for community pharmacy funding.


The full interview can be found here.


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PSNC rep: Pharmacy minister ‘struggling’ to cope with role

11 November 2016, Chemist & Druggist, Grace Lewis


Pharmacy minister David Mowat is “struggling” in the role and relying heavily on his predecessor, Alistair Burt, according to Pharmaceutical Services Negotiating Committee (PSNC) representative Mark Burdon.

Speaking to C+D in an exclusive podcast interview two days after Mr Mowat and Mr Burt defended the Department of Health’s planned £113 million cut to pharmacy funding in England in a House of Commons debate last week, Mr Burdon said it was clear that Mr Burt had taken part in the debate “to help out his mate, the new boy”.


Mr Burt, who was pharmacy minister from May 2015 until July 2016, when Mr Mowat replaced him, came to the defence of the government’s pharmacy policy several times during the debate.


This prompted Labour MP Michael Dugher to remark: “Most ex-ministers have ex-ministeritis and tend to be extremely unhelpful to current ministers, but not so the right honourable gentleman.”


Mr Burdon told C+D: “It’s clear that Mowat is struggling. I think he knew there was nothing he could say that would appease us and it was quite disappointing.


“He just trotted out the same stuff we’ve had from him before.”


Mr Burdon, who represents the North East of England and Cumbria for PSNC, acknowledged that Mr Mowat had been handed the role at a difficult time.


However, he criticised the minister – who was booed at the local pharmaceutical committee (LPC) conference last week when he mentioned England’s chief pharmaceutical officer, Dr Keith Ridge – for defending an “incoherent, inconsistent and contradictory” policy towards community pharmacy.


Mr Burdon also questioned whether Mr Mowat fully understands the distinct roles within the sector, particularly regarding the government’s repeated references to employing more “clinical” pharmacists in general practice.


Mr Mowat’s office declined to comment to C+D for this article.

HDA Media And Political Bulletin – 14 November 2016

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